dis-inhibitionIn the link below Clive Parkinson shares some of his thoughts in a conference OWN NOW: Arts and Dementia Symposium in Skipton on 3rd April 2014.


His film is a combination of images that relate to Kitwood’s Malignant Social Psychology and of course, the seaside town of Morecambe albeit interspersed with Maya Deren, World in Action, Leni Riefenstahl and of course Norman McLaren. The music is by the sublime Jokia Timabil and is called Lichens, and generously features the Fortuitous Novelties Seedpod Project, in collaboration with Arts for Health at MMU.



From the seed of an idea…

fort novs 2013 blog post bannerNews on developments from the Fortuitous Novelties Seedpods Project.

I have recently been exploring the legacy of the earlier work I developed and critically looking to how it moves forward. Returning to work within the NHS and with the exemplary Occupational Therapists has enabled close collaboration in a more embedded way.

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