Anne Basting

For those of us who attended the evening The North West Arts and Health Network event with Anne Basting at Manchester Metropolitan University, I think its safe to say, that we were all blown away by her imagination, passion and vision for the potential of people affected by dementia.  Author of the seminal book, Forget Memory, Anne Basting shared her thoughts on the arts and dementia. Anne has a vast experience in this emerging field and brings fresh perspectives to understanding of dementia and imagination.

This was an exclusive opportunity to hear from one of the true innovators of arts and health. She shared her work on Time Slips; the Penelope Project and some of her new developments around Shipwrecked. She emphasized the liminal nature of our work, existing between disciplines, investing social capital in people who are largely marginalised to the extreme.

Clive Parkinson, Director of Arts for Health at MMU said of the evening, “For me, what Anne did, was up the ante, and for those of you who couldn’t come to the event, but who read this, two things to ponder – part of her work with people affected by dementia involves not only getting to grips with Homer’s The Odyssey,  but also learning passages of ancient Greek. Forget the status quo, this is aspirational stuff.”  There was opportunity to share some of our practice concerning Fortuitous Novelties with Anne and get her feedback…

Thank you Anne.

To find out more about Anne’s work, here are some links:

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